This Week's Funding News 26th April 2021

22 April 2021

Some Updates for This Week

Solace Women's Aid: Empowering Women Fund

Part of the Labyrinth Project, (a Tampon Tax funded grant scheme) led by Solace Women’s Aid. Aims to help women get to an empowered position through the provision of holistic wide-ranging support that is needs-led, placing women at the centre of their own interventions. Seed funding available from £500 to £1,000, small grants from £1,000 to £5,000 and large grants from £5,000 to £25,000.

This Week's Funding News w/c 12th April 2021

12 April 2021

Some Updates for This Week

Greenhall Foundation

Funding to sustainably improve lives: among the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged particularly in the UK. Overseas projects are also supported provided that the applicant charity is registered in the UK.  Preference is given to appeals where the Foundation can meet a significant proportion of the funding required and where permanent equipment or building is required as opposed to funding salaries or the charity running costs. 

This Week's Funding News 22nd March 2021

20 March 2021

Some Updates for This Week

Arnold Clark Community Fund (Final Application Deadline 11.59pm, 31st May 2021

Now open to all UK registered charities and local community groups needing financial assistance due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Requests can be made for £100 - £1000.  500 applications will be granted (at random) each month.  If your application is unsuccessful one month, they’ll keep you in the draw, which will roll over to the following month.

This Week's Funding News 22nd February 2021

17 February 2021

Some Updates for This Week

Wellcome Trust: The Ideas Fund

A grants programme run by the British Science Association and funded by Wellcome, to enable the UK public to develop and try out ideas that address problems related to mental wellbeing. They're offering early stage grants of up to £25,000 and larger grants of around £90,000 in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Hull, North West Northern Ireland, and Oldham.