Funding Scheme Highlights for January 2023

Opening January 2023

The Naturesave Trust consider applications for specific projects from charities, social enterprises and grassroots community organisations whose activities are based within the UK. Focusing primarily on grant funding for environmental projects, they will also fund environmental consultations for SME’s and a long running tree planting programmes. New funding window opens on the 1st January until 28th February. The theme of this funding window will be pollution and single use plastic. They will be looking for community projects who are running initiatives to tackle this issue. Grants range from between £500 to £5,000.


Funding grassroots, neighbourhood-based community projects throughout the UK, the Happiness Fund is available to enable and support projects which improve mental health and wellbeing, inclusion, learning and skills development in local communities. The funding available is £2500 maximum per quarter, per project. Opens again on Jan 2, 2023.

Small Grants Programme from the Leathersellers Company Charitable Fund provides to UK registered Charities, Educational Institutions and University Students. This is a fast-track application process for small unrestricted one-off grants (up to a maximum of £5,000). Open to applications Jan 3, 2023 and Jan 31, 2023.

World Habitat Awards for 36 years the World Habitat Awards have celebrated, championed, and helped communities develop new innovations, ideas and advances that improve the lives of people on low incomes. Two GOLD Award-winning projects receive support and prizemoney of £10,000. Opens Jan 3, 2023.

Money Saving Expert Charity their Raising the Next Generation focuses on supporting projects that build financial capability skills for those who need it the most; to support the younger generation (under 25) to help them learn financial life skills and to grow during the difficult financial climate. Opens at 9am on Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

VocTech Activate Grant Fund is their test bed where the first spark of an idea within adult digital learning can be scoped and tested under Ufi funding. Opens Jan 11, 2023.

Closing January 2023

LinkedIn Ad Grants program provides free LinkedIn ads to organisations that are focused on Racial and gender equity, Economic opportunity for professionals facing barriers, and Environmental sustainability. Closes 11:59pm PST Jan 4, 2023 (GMT 07:59 next day).

Living Places and Spaces Fund from the National Lottery Community Fund supports local communities to create more sustainable and resilient community spaces which not only improve the environment but increase awareness of the benefits of blue green infrastructure.Capital grants from £1,000 up to £10,000 will be provided for eligible projects up to a maximum total of £750,000 for the overall scheme. Closes 5pm, 6 Jan 2023.

Architectural Heritage Fund funding covers Project Viability Grant or Village Catalyst Grant (PVG) to a maximum of £10,000 to fund studies to look at potential uses for a building and at its current condition and produce a Viability Report to a standard template. Their Project Development Grant or Village Catalyst Grant (PDG) offers a maximum of £20,000 to assist an organisation to cover some of the costs of developing and co-ordinating a project and taking it towards the start of work on site. Closes 9 Jan 2023.

Live Here Love Here’s Marine Litter Capital Grants supports organisations and groups to purchase items to prevent litter and plastic pollution from entering the marine environment, enhance the environmental management of a local area to reduce marine litter, improve the health and wellbeing of communities and marine biodiversity recovery by helping to improve and/or maintain the quality of public open spaces, and improve the quality of their local environment by changing behaviour through creative concepts to reduce the incidence of littering. Closes NOON 9 Jan 2023

Good Relations Awards are open for nominations to recognise the exceptional achievement in promoting good community relations, intercultural work and peacebuilding in Northern Ireland. Deadline 9 Jan 2023.

Derry City & Strabane District Council Cultural Grant Aid schemes for festivals, heritage, tourism, arts, events, and access programme close NOON Jan 12, 2023.

Executive Office: Central Good Relations Fund supports constituted voluntary and community sector groups to deliver good relations projects where there is evidence of good relations need. Successful projects must contribute towards the delivery of one of the Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC) Strategy key priorities. Closes 6pm, 12 January 2023.

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council's Cultural and Community Services Unit is now inviting grant applications for their Community Support Grant 2022/23 and Community Festivals Fund 2022/23. Closing NOON on 17 Jan 2023.