Why subscribe to GrantTracker?

Top 10 reasons:

  1. Easy to find funding schemes relevant to you
  2. Up to date funding information
  3. One stop shop for all funding in Northern Ireland
  4. Save time by having all your schemes at the touch of a button
  5. Credible site developed and managed by NICVA
  6. Email reminders of your funding deadlines 
  7. Weekly email of new and reviewed funding schemes
  8. Monthly email of all upcoming deadlines
  9. Record, upload and review the status of your applications
  10. Be successful in your fundraising and get results.

How to subscribe to GrantTracker

You can subscribe to GrantTracker for £40 a month and £145 a year.  It is £100 a year for NICVA members.
Pay online here or request an invoice by emailing [email protected]


Pricing Options

GrantTracker is developed with the user in mind and has been subsidised to ensure affordability


£145 / year

  • For non-NICVA members


£100 / year

Sign up or renew your subscription to help you find funding!

Alternatively, request an invoice from [email protected]