Welcome to New GrantTracker

New GrantTracker is here, with some new features I hope will make your grant tracking easier. Things have changed a lot since we first launched GrantTracker in 2001. I remember getting CDROMs 'burned' to post to subscribers to install on their machine. Today, you can subscribe online and search for funding from any internet enabled phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

You can create your own funding directory on the 'cloud' - so every time you log in to your account your funding schemes, dates and notes are there.

MyNotes is a new feature on GrantTracker and it will be great to find out how it will be used. You can for example save draft documents to a funding scheme in one location, like your workplace, then access then somewhere else, like at home (should you need overtime to meet a deadline). Or just use it for personal notes.

I've been very pleased our in-house website developer Chris Graham has also worked his magic and created email notifications from the website for 'tracked' schemes - so you will get reminders 9 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 weeks before any upcoming dates - meaning deadline day dashes for you may be a thing of the past.

The email notifications for new and updated funds should mean you hear about all the new content on the website. James Laverty and myself will be working hard over the next few days, weeks and months bringing New GrantTracker fully up-to-date with new schemes, new dates and keeping on top of changes with current funders.

This blog area of the site will also be a place for upcoming news and GrantTracker Coupon offers while Georgie Finlay will be on hand to answer any subscription queries over transition to the new site.

I think all in all, with a fresh clean look to the website, big buttons and developed admin gubbins in the background, your experience of New GrantTracker will be a good one - and if it isn't - just let us know.

Neil Irwin