This Week's Funding News wc 28th October 2019

New or Updated Funding Initiatives

Belfast City Council: Capacity Building Grants

U to £50,000 grants for lead community development organisations that advocate the interests of their local groups, area and residents; and support local community groups to ensure good practice in governance, committee procedures, appropriate policies and financial management.

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PetPlan Charitable Trust

Awards grants for the benefit of the health and welfare of dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.  To date they have distributed over £10,000,000 in grants.   They provide 2 categories of grants: welfare grants and scientific grants.

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MTV Staying Alive Foundation Grants

Grants of up to US$12,000 and practical resources for organisations led by young people aged 15 to 27 that work in HIV prevention across the world.  Interested in funding organisations that are start-ups and do not have much support, financial or otherwise.

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Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation

Wingate Foundation funds in the fields of; Jewish Life and Learning, Performing Arts, Music and Medical Research Travel Grants.  Grants are awarded from a few hundred to several thousands of pounds.

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Key Dates for your Fundraising Diary

St Stephens Green Trust: Supporting Inter-Community Practice and Activism (SIPA)

This programme provides grants between £5000 and £20,000 for work focussed on people working collaboratively on an inclusive and inter-community basis to address common issues and identifying barriers to inclusive work, and relationship-building, within and between communities and learning how these can be overcome. 

Closing Date 08 Nov 2019

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UnLtd Grow It Award

The Grow It Award is for social entrepreneurs looking to scale their venture providing tailored support, access to workshops and networks, and up to £15,000 cash.  This Award has replaced their Fast Growth and Build It Awards, combining experience of helping social entrepreneurs achieve scale.

Expression of interest closing date 11 Nov 2019

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Community Relations Council Core Funding

Contributes towards the salary and organisational running costs of a number of organisations which are considered of strategic importance in promoting community relations or cultural diversity work in NI.  

Closing Date (4pm) 15 Nov 2019

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