This Week's Funding New wc 24th August 2020

This Week's New COVID-19 Funds

Thanks to the National Emergencies Trust, a total funding pot of £350,000 is available to LGBT+ non-profit groups, organisations and projects. The funding is available to address the additional needs of LGBT+ people and communities most adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and to support and strengthen LGBT+ organisations that have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Single payment awards of £500 to organisations who are supporting vulnerable groups, as part of their emergency response in supporting local communities.

A new, £7 million fund aimed at covering losses and supporting liquidity to 30 September 2020 and building resilience for the future for social enterprises who meet the criteria.

The BFI FAN Film Exhibition Fund is now open, with National Lottery funding available to exhibitors across the UK. It will support activity to re-engage audiences with collective, big screen film experiences at film festivals, mixed arts venues, and both community and traditional cinemas.

For the Challenge, Movember is looking for digital/technology-based solutions that are being utilized to maintain men’s social connections and manage their isolation while needing to be physically apart. They are aiming to address the mental health risks of vulnerable men by exploring innovative solutions that can potentially be scaled for long-term impact.  

Some Other New, non-COVID-19 Funds

Grants of up to £400 for voluntary organisations in County Derry/Londonderry area only, supporting economically inactive people living in the North West, to find a route to employment, through training and learning initiatives.

Grants of around £2,000 up to £30,000 to give people of all ages a better quality of life by enabling them to understand, participate in and enjoy the arts, particularly the performing arts: music, drama, opera and dance.  Potential for repeat funding up to 3 years (maximum award £90,000). Most grants are for specific projects but they will consider contributions towards the core costs of smaller organisations where a grant from them could make an impact.

COVID-19 Funds Closing Soon

This training aims to help charities boost online revenues.  It runs for 6 months from September and there are 500 places available.  Specialists will guide charities through everything they need to know about selling on eBay through a mix of 1:1 sessions, group surgeries, webinars and access to learning materials. 

In its 5th Year, The Begin Together Awards are recognising the towns and urban places across the island of Ireland demonstrating exceptional leadership during these challenging times.  There are over 21 financial recognition awards available from a total prize fund of €210,000/ or sterling equivalent.  2020 also sees the introduction of ‘special  initiative’ awards – a local town promotion initiative, a local community enterprise initiative and a local  business and community response initiative – reflecting the challenge that communities and businesses currently face from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Part of the Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, the Positive Pathways programme will award fixed grants of £35,000 for projects developed by and for veterans. Projects should aim to improve veterans’ mental health and wellbeing by getting veterans out and active.

A new grant fund set up by the Edge Foundation to provide 30 grants of £750 to all groups that are working towards systemic change, and whose work is in line with Edge Fund's values.  They will award 30 grants. Of those, at least 15 grants will go to groups working on anti-racist struggles, and at least 10 of those 15 will go to groups fighting for Afrikan (Black/African) liberation and made up of African (Black/African) activists.

This funding opportunity is about looking to the future and making a bigger change. They’re looking for organisations that will make a significant contribution to their sector – whether that’s forging new ways of working in the wake of COVID-19, contributing evidence that will move things forward, cross-sector collaboration which recognises the way issues intersect, or advocacy and campaigning work.  They are looking for change making efforts that are relevant to their social change themes of homelessness, forced migration, gender justice, mental health, and early childhood development. 150K to 600K grants are available over 3-5 years

Specifically aimed at supporting Black-led social enterprises and charities to survive and even thrive in the COVID period.   Provides grants between £1K and £3K to UK based organisations led by people that identify as Black or Mixed with Black and with beneficiaries who primarily identify as Black or Mixed with Black. ​

The Access and Inclusion programme provides capital grant funding, through local Councils and the Northern Ireland Museums Council, aimed at promoting a more inclusive society by enabling disabled people to participate more fully in arts, cultural and active recreation activities.  The maximum project cost must not exceed £30,000 and each applicant must provide match funding of at least 10% of the total project cost. (Waived for 2020/21)

A new local grant programme, awarding grants up to £20,000 to projects supporting Armed Forces communities to become less isolated and engage more in their local area.  Grants up to £20k available.  NB The two rounds of funding they are running this year will support local Armed Forces communities as they address the needs that have arisen as a result of Covid-19.

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You can see all COVID-19 funding schemes on NICVA's constantly updated COVID-19 Fundraising Hub