New GrantTracker Login Issues

I have received a handful of calls from people who re having trouble logging into the new GrantTracker since it was revamped recently. There are three main reasons why you could be having trouble logging.

1. Trying your old Username

For new GrantTracker you need to use the email account registered on your subscription as the Username. The old username is no longer valid (unless it was your email address anyway) You can use your email address registered on the account to request a new password from the website.

2. Wrong Email Address on the Account

It is possible the email address registered on the account is not the current email you are using - if so - contact us and we can change it

3. Not currently subscribing

It is possible your subscription has run out or you are not currently subscribed. Try logging in first and if this fails contact us and we will seek to resolve the problem.

Contact Neil, Chris, Jimmy or Georgie on 028 9087 7777.